Marvin Goldberger
Physicist and former dean of natural sciences dies at 92.
Neural readout
Cells change color for real-time report of neurochemical changes during learning.
Moth math
Male moths follow scattered whiffs of female pheromones to find mates in turbulent air.
Shared shape
Shape of a viral 'off switch' is shared by other viruses, even one that kills cancer cells.
Curling light
Most sensitive and precise measurements yet of the polarization of the CMB.
Reaction builds phospholipid membranes like those that enclose cells.
Natural proteins, assembled in new way, work as novel enzymes.
Winter 2015 news from the physical sciences
Red planet's seas may not have been very large, a new analysis of isotopes in meteorite reveals.
Reconsideration of unified forces simplifies a description of interactions among elementary particles.
Program predicts placement of chemical tags that control gene activity.
Stars in distant galaxy igniting at rates rarely seen, blowing cold, dense gas tens of thousands of light years into space; loss will limit future star birth.
Projects include new tools and technologies to model and understand causes of heart failure.
Nitrogen fingerprint in biomolecules could be from the early sun.
Accurate transmission possible despite high levels of noise, experiment and information theory analysis shows.
Growth law governs cell division
Size and age have little to do with when cells divide, new quantitative biology research reveals.
Pharmaceutical companies will share proprietary information on drug discovery with academic researchers.
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